Metropolitan Pilates closed effective March 16 in accordance with Gov. Jay Inslee's emergency proclamation that mandates the immediate closure of all restaurants, bars, and entertainment and recreational facilities.

If you need to get in touch with us, email our office.

UPDATE 5 - 5/24/2020

Gov. Jay Inslee has issued guidance for resuming fitness operations in Phase 2 of Washington's Safe Start plan. We are currently working on meeting all the requirements outlined by the Governor's office. Our biggest priority is to be able to offer a safe environment for our clients and employees once we reopen. We don't know yet the exact date we will be opening our doors, but we will only do so once we can fully execute our plan.

In the meantime, starting June 1st, we will be offering online classes and sessions through the studio. This means that your online private sessions can now be charged to your current prepaid packages. You can schedule directly with your teacher or with Silvia via email.

We will also be offering online mat classes through the studio. These classes will cost $20/class, and if you already have a mat class package in your account it can be converted to the new online mat class rate.

We are considering the following times for online classes:

  • Wednesdays at 8am
  • Thursdays at 11am
  • Saturdays at 10am

If you are interested in signing up, please reply to this email.

We sincerely appreciate your support during these challenging times. We expect to have a slow and gradual reopening of the physical studio with many restrictions on the number of clients we can serve at any given time, and we will need to run the business as a hybrid of online classes and studio classes for some time to come. It will be a great help to us—and to your own Pilates program!—if you can support us by taking advantage of these online sessions. As always, we welcome any feedback you may have on how this can all work better for you.

Thank you!
Dorothee and Silvia

UPDATE 4 - 5/4/2020

We have another update for you. It does appear likely that the studio will remain closed for the month of May, but we're hoping that we will be able to reopen in June under restricted conditions which are detailed below. But, first, we have two questions for you to consider and respond to if you are willing:

  1. Will you be ready to return to the studio in June under the strict guidelines outlined below?
  2. Are you interested in taking online private sessions and/or mat classes with our teachers going forward? (These can be as a supplement to your studio hours or as an alternative to sessions at the studio if you're not ready to come back.)

As we prepare to reopen in June, we are taking steps to make sure we will follow strict guidelines so that you feel safe when entering the studio. The studio will be disinfected every night, and equipment and all public surfaces will be cleaned continuously throughout the day. Our staff will wear masks when teaching. We will limit the number of people inside the studio to 10 at all times in order to adhere to social distancing guidelines. Equipment will be spaced at least 6 feet apart. And we will follow any and all safety recommendations from our Public Health officials.

Due to these restrictions and our overall concern for the health of our clients and employees, the studio will not be running at full capacity as you are used to. In order to meet demand for sessions, we will likely need to expand our hours of operations and ask clients to work out at hours and on days that may be different from what you previously had scheduled. But to prepare for this, we would like to know how ready you are to return.

So, please respond to our two questions above by emailing Silvia (metropolitanpilates@msn.com). This information will really help us gauge demand as we reopen and ensure we can be prepared to continue offering you the best Pilates experience.

Thank you again for your ongoing support!

Dorothee and Silvia

UPDATE 3 - 4/7/2020

Once again, we want to keep you up to date on the status of the Studio and also offer you the chance to keep your Pilates practice going online with Dorothee!

The Studio will remain closed under the Governor's order until at least May 4. Obviously, this date remains in flux, and we await progress against the pandemic and new public health policies along with everyone else. When we know, you'll know.

In the meantime, Dorothee is going to start teaching a mat class online every Thursday at 11am. The first class will be this Thursday, April 9. All you need is space on your floor, a mat or other surface you can work out on, and a laptop, ipad, or other device to connect to the online class via Zoom. These classes are free of charge.

If you want to to sign up, click here to email Silvia. You will then receive a link to the class in another email.

We hope you are all staying healthy. We find that regular exercise during these odd times helps us stay balanced and strong. We're sure it will help you too.

Dorothee and Silvia

UPDATE 2 - 3/25/2020

We wanted to give you a quick update on Metropolitan Pilates, your options for continuing your Pilates work, and our teachers. We sincerely hope you and yours are all staying healthy in mind, body and spirit during this great trial.

First, it appears that we will remain closed for a few more weeks at least. On March 23, Gov. Jay Inslee announced a "Stay Home, Stay Healthy" order that requires everyone in the state to stay home. The order will last for two weeks and could be extended. At this time, we don't know when the Studio will reopen, so we will continue to monitor this day by day.

In the meantime, it's important that we all stay as active as possible, and keep our Pilates practice going. Here are a couple of options for you to consider:

  • You can schedule time to work out online with a Metropolitan Pilates teacher. If you are interested in giving this a try, please let Silvia know about your interest, and she will connect you with your teacher. All scheduling, pricing, payments, etc. will be done directly between you and your teacher. These sessions will be conducted online via Zoom.com, which is an easy and straightforward tool that only requires you to have an email address and a device with a camera and speakers, such as a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
  • You can also take pre-recorded classes in your home from a website called Pilatesology.com. They have a variety of classes and feature many instructors (including our own Dorothee and Chris) that you can take when convenient for you in the privacy of your home. We have a special coupon code (DOROTHEE30) you can use to sign up for a 30-day free trial.

If you commit to either or both of these as you have your normal Pilates program, we are confident your Powerhouse will remain strong and your practice will continue to grow.

What about our employees?

Since the Studio is closed by order of the public health office and the governor, our employees find themselves in the same position as so many hourly workers in our economy. But because every staff member at Metropolitan Pilates is an employee (rather than an independent contractor), our teachers and front desk associates are eligible for sick paid time off and unemployment benefits. However, even in the best of times, these benefits only cover a portion of one's previous income. Many of you have asked how you can help, and our answer is related to the note above: the best way to help our teachers is to hire them to teach you online. Please give it a try and help us as we all learn how to do this best. Email metropolitanpilates@msn.com if you are interested, and we will connect you to a teacher.

Thank you for your ongoing support. We yearn for the day when we will see you all in the Studio again.

Dorothee and Silvia

UPDATE 1 - 3/15/2020

Dear Clients,

We are very sad to announce that Metropolitan Pilates will be closed effective immediately until at least March 31, 2020, in accordance with the local health order issued by King County Executive Dow Constantine and Dr. Jeff Duchin this evening.

The possibility of this happening is something we have all considered over the past weeks, and now that it has, we want to say that we fully support this latest move by our public health officials to minimize the damage from COVID-19. As much as we will miss our community at the Studio over the next several weeks, we wouldn't trade the health and well-being of our clients and our teachers for anything.

The situation continues to be dynamic. We urge everyone to proceed with the utmost care and caution in your daily lives. Take your mat routine to your own floors, and be sure to stay in touch with others so the isolation doesn't get so isolating.

We will update you again as the situation evolves. If we all do this right, perhaps good news won't be so far away.

In good health,
Dorothee and Silvia